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Meet the Center for Cough Team

Exceptional Outcomes Begin With Exceptional Care

Meet The Center for Cough Team

Center for Cough’s team comprises people who demonstrate exceptional clinical skills and judgement, are empathetic with patients’ feelings of frustration and hopelessness due to their chronic cough, and are naturally inquisitive and eager to apply their knowledge of this recently identified and rapidly evolving condition of cough hypersensitivity leading to Refractory Chronic Cough or Unexplained Chronic Cough to each cough patient.  In summary, our Center for Cough team are your advocates for cough relief and improved quality of life.

Our team includes:  Doctors Mandel Sher and Johana Castro-Wagner, Physician Assistant Lynette, Nurses Cathy, Cindy and Tiffanie, and Patient Care Coordinator Jenny.  Tiffanie also serves as the overall Center for Cough Lead.  In their own words, here are some of the many reasons our team loves partnering with our motivated patients challenged by chronic cough: 

  •  “They are brought in by their partner or family member or friend because they are so worried that the uncontrollable cough may be an indication of something very serious.  I love sharing their relief when Dr. Sher says:  “I know what you have and I can help you.”

  • “Patients think their cough has a complex origin and is difficult to treat but it’s not!  Refractory  chronic cough or unexplained chronic cough due to cough hypersensitivity is a newly recognized condition within the medical and scientific world.  Some patients refer to it as:  persistent cough, neurogenic cough, neuropathic cough or other labels.  They are happy to learn their type of cough now has its own identity, label and treatment plan.” 

  • “They trust us and we work hard to earn that trust.  They are often exhausted from coughing and feeling anxious about being in a group situation where their uncontrollable cough may be disruptive. They trust us to bring them cough relief and know-how to manage it through resolution.”

  • “So many of our patients come in with terrible coughing bouts and over the course of their cough treatment they can’t believe that their cough is all but gone.”

  • “Our patients are motivated to live their best life.  We help them do that by eliminating the embarrassment and worry of chronic cough.”

  • “It makes me feel so good to be contributing to a newly recognized and common medical condition.  Refractory chronic cough or unexplained chronic cough is its own disease state with its own roadmap and I'm a part of defining it.”

  • “Some patients’ professional careers demand speaking and chronic cough has derailed their performance.  We help them get back on track.”

We are a Center For Cough difference!

A portrait of Dr. Mandel Sher with a red bowtie.

Dr. Mandel Sher

A portrait of Dr. Johana Castro-Wagner

Dr. Johana

A portrait of P.A. Lynette Jubay

Physician Assistant Lynette Jubay

A portrait of lead nurse Tiffany

Lead Nurse Tiffanie

A portrait of nurse Cindy

Nurse Cindy

A portrait of nurse Cathy

Nurse Cathy

A portrait of nurse patient care coordinator Jenny

Patient Care Coordinator: Jenny 

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