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New Patient Information

The Center for Cough is right for you


It is important that you print and complete the Cough Questionnaire prior to your visit.  Please remember to bring the completed form with you.  


Your Peace and Quiet is Affordable

Center for Cough services are covered by Medicare and other health insurance. We accept most insurance types and Dr. Sher is a listed preferred provider with most companies.

After your initial call to us, we will be able to provide you with an estimate of your insurance benefits and what your out-of-pocket cost may be.

At Center for Cough we believe that cost should not be a barrier to seeking treatment. Our team will work with you to reduce obstacles that may be delaying your treatment.

We are happy to submit your insurance, Medicare and secondary or supplemental claims. For your convenience, Center for Cough accepts most credit cards. Call TODAY to speak with a team member.

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