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Disinfectants & Sick-Shaming: But Chronic Cough is NOT Contagious

Cough: Contagious or Not? That is the question. Is it okay to spray disinfectants on a colleague’s desk and sick-shame them to “Go Home”? You may know that your Cough is a Chronic Cough that is NOT contagious, but how would others know that what you are ailing from is not contagious? As more and more people are working and recreating in open communal spaces where people are often sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and certainly within virus spreading distance, there is increasing awareness around the ripple effect of germs. When colleagues, friends, and family hear Coughing on a repetitive basis, they may be understandably concerned that you are sick and soon they will be too. As a recent Wall Street Journal article quoted a team member: “If one person gets sick, we all get sick.” Coughing produces a startling sound that is disruptive to the listener and embarrassing for the Cougher. So whether your Cough is the result of a virus or Chronic Cough, be mindful of others around you.

Chronic Cough is different than acute Cough produced by virus. Chronic Cough is NOT contagious. A Persistent Cough lasting 8 weeks or longer may be triggered by a virus, allergies, reflux, or other factors, but the underlying cause is often neuropathic hardwiring that sets you up to Cough.

Dr. Mandel Sher: 727-393-8067. doctors take care of people with Cough. Dr. Mandel Sher is an internationally recognized Cough Specialist who is resolving Cough in people who are suffering with this debilitating, annoying, and complex condition.

Dr. Mandel Sher offers comprehensive Cough treatment in one convenient location at Center for Cough. All services are traditional, evidence-based medicine, and covered by Medicare and major insurers. Dr. Mandel’s Sher’s experiences and successes are grounded in an integrated and innovative approach including: medications, diet, lifestyle, voice exercises, and breathing techniques. Dr. Mandel Sher also leads clinical research trials for novel Cough therapies and is a frequent presenter on Cough at national and international medical society meetings.

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