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Stop Throat Tickle, Reduce Urge to Cough, and Relieve Cough

Our friends “across the pond” published a simple to understand article on Chronic Cough. The article emphasizes the important role of Throat Tickle and Urge to Cough in producing Cough. It also includes helpful hints on Chronic Cough’s management especially during the winter months. Righto! (Learn more by clicking on link at bottom of page.)

The article supports Dr. Mandel Sher‘s mantra: “Stop Throat Tickle, Reduce Urge to Cough, and Relieve Cough.” Dr. Mandel Sher and Center for Cough team work with Cough patients to recognize the early warning signs of Throat Tickle and Urge to Cough, nip it in the bud, and avoid or minimize a Cough episode. Call Center for Cough to learn how Dr. Sher WILL help you do the same: 727-393-8067.

“A tickly cough produces no mucus and can be difficult to shake.”

Sometimes, Cough is productive. It is a defense mechanism that prevents foreign objects from entering the airway. Cough can also be productive when Cough is associated with a cold or flu and mucus has to be coughed-up.

Chronic Cough is often associated with Throat Tickle and Urge to Cough. Stop the Tickle, Reduce the Urge, and Relieve Cough.

Dry, nagging Cough that persists for a long time generally has no purpose, but it does have consequences: Social isolation, Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, Urinary Incontinence, Hoarseness, Disrupted Personal and Professional Relationships and more. Chronic Cough is an Overarching Mood Buster! But, it Doesn’t Have to Be That Way.

The triggers that contribute to stimulating or exaggerating the tickle and cough response include: dust, allergies, air pollution, smoke, and cold air. Here are some DIY tips on managing the Throat Tickle and Urge to Cough:

Silence is Golden: A Tickly Cough stresses your throat and vocal chords. So, give it a rest! Minimize talking.

Scarf to Look Good and Cough Less: Cover Your Mouth with a Scarf to warm-up the air you breathe. Breathing warm air reduces your Urge to Cough.
Herbal Tea: Lubricates and soothes a dry throat.
Gargle: Warm water reduces throat inflammation and Urge to Cough.
Hydrate: Sip, sip, sip…Don’t let your throat become dry. A lubricated throat reduces throat itch and reduces Throat Tickle and the Urge to Cough.
Sweeten Tea: Sweetening your tea with honey coats your throat, reduces throat irritation, and relieves Cough.
Lozenges: Treat your throat to hard, sweet, and lubricating lozenges.
Contact Dr. Mandel Sher WILL Help You Relieve Your Cough: 727-393-8067. #stopticklereduceurgerelievecough

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