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Dr. Mandel Sher talking to a patient in a blue lab coat and red bowtie


Center for Cough is one of the world's leading clinics dedicated exclusively to diagnosing, treating, and relieving chronic cough.  Dr. Mandel Sher's comprehensive approach has helped 85% of over 2,500 cough patients achieve sustainable and measurable success. 

Dr. Mandel Sher consistently recognized by physician peers as a Top Doctor and a Best Doctor in America

Do you have a cough that won’t go away?

Chronic cough is often the result of more than a single cause.  Your chronic cough may be due to a newly recognized condition of Refractory Chronic Cough or Unexplained Chronic Cough. Refractory or Unexplained Chronic Cough is different than other causes of cough.  Refractory Chronic Cough is a chronic cough that persists despite identification and adequate treatment of underlying condition(s). Unexplained Chronic Cough is a chronic cough with no underlying etiology identified, despite a thorough diagnostic workup.  The identification of this common condition with distinct characteristics and therapies has accelerated the global medical and scientific communities develop a shared understanding of the chronic cough cycle and promising novel cough drugs. Center for Cough is proud to be a leader on the world's cough stage and help people enjoy life again without the embarrassment and debilitating consequences of chronic cough. 

Does Your Chronic Cough Have the Following Characteristics?

  • Have you been coughing for longer than 8 weeks? 

  • Are you a woman 45+ years of age? (P.S. Men cough too!)

  • Do you feel like you have a throat tickle, irritation, a piece of string, dirt or cotton in the back of your throat producing an urge to cough? Does this sensation produce frequent throat clearing?

  • Do you have uncontrollable bouts of coughing that can lead to gagging, dizziness, and/or urinary incontinence?

  • Do you cough while you talk, laugh or sing? When exposed to odors, drafts, or cold air?

  • Is your cough dry or does it produce minimal mucus? 

  • Is your voice occasionally hoarse?

  • Does your cough tend to get better while you exercise and while you sleep? 

  • Are your personal, professional and social relationships strained because your cough is annoying and worrisome? 

  • Are you often feeling tired and frustrated from coughing so much for so long?

If this sounds like you, then you may have cough hypersensitivity which is causing Refractory Chronic Cough or Unexplained Chronic Cough.

Why Choose Center for Cough? 

Dr. Sher's and Center for Cough's comprehensive approach has an effective track record in identifying the singular and multiple causes of chronic cough.  Many doctors take care of patients who cough but only a handful are intensely interested and focused on chronic cough.  Over 2,500 patients have demonstrated a measurable improvement in cough frequency and intensity and overall quality of life. Dr. Sher and the Center for Cough's team are medical detectives who listen to patients' cough concerns and stories and use advanced diagnostic tools in the office to connect the dots and determine the right diagnosis and cough treatment for your unique cough.   


Center for Cough and Dr. Sher have a national and international reputation for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough and the development of promising novel cough drugs.  Dr. Sher is the Founder and Medical Director of Center for Cough which is conveniently located in the Tampa Bay region.


Center for Cough services are approved by Medicare and health insurance and are conveniently performed during an in-person outpatient office visit under one roof.  The initial visit will generate a treatment plan summary for patients and referring physicians.


That's a Center for Cough Difference!

The beautiful day that you experience when you have been treated of chronic cough by Dr. Mandel Sher and the Center For Cough

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Sher identified the reason I have been coughing for over four years and I am greatly improved. I coughed first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep, not to mention just about any time in between. I have what is called a tickle cough, which for me meant just about everything (dry air, talking, laughing, strong odors, etc.) induced a cough. I felt better immediately after my initial visit. I left with a diagnosis and an action plan. Within a week, I was able to spend an entire day and night speaking in a classroom setting without a single cough. I found Dr. Sher on Google when I was looking for a cough expert and I am so glad I found him.

Debbie O.

Google Review

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